Sunday, April 14, 2013

The UT agrees: San Diego is a minor-league town

We don't particularly need further evidence that San Diego is a minor-league town, but the San Diego Union-Tribune has graciously provided it for us, anyway.
The lead story this morning on the Padres portion of the UT website is a report on a Triple-A baseball game [click on image for larger view]:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wait, You Mean That's Not a Typo?

Normally, we don't pay much attention to spring training, but something caught our eye the other day.
We were reading something about the Padres and noticed a prospect named Jaff Decker. You read that right. It's Jaff -- J-A-F-F.
There are people out there who actually named their kid Jaff. And you thought only celebrities gave their kids weird names.
Well, if nothing else, there's a current movie that can have a nice, catchy title for a potential sequel -- "Jaff Who Lives at Home."

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Monday, July 04, 2011

This Will Make the Padres More Fun to Watch

While watching the Padres' big interleague "rivalry" with the Mariners over the weekend, something occurred to us.
And no, not just, "Why are we wasting our time watching the Padres and Mariners?"
When the Padres and Mariners both wore their 1984 uniforms the other day, we realized this Padres team would be much more fun to watch if it made those '84 uniforms its everyday uniform.
Seriously. Why not?
It would certainly give fans and the media something to be interested in and something to talk about. And when was the last time you and your friends spent time chatting about this current group of Padres?
Just think about all the nostalgia there would be if it were 1984 all over again. It would conjure up images of the epic beanbrawl war that year against the Braves in Atlanta. When the Padres wear their brown '84 road jerseys, if you squint just right, you can see Dick Williams ordering up a knockdown pitch against Pascual Perez. Or there's Champ Summers and Bob Horner going at it in a heavyweight showdown. And when the festivities got too close to the dugout, Atlanta fans contributed to the fracas by tossing beer -- and whatever else they could get their hands on -- into the mess.
Ah, does baseball get any more entertaining than that?
And the 1984 uniform of the Padres was certainly as memorable as that historic fight. It's the one Padres uniform that baseball fans mention most often, and not because the team played in its first World Series that year. It was a colorful, unique uniform.
Compare that to what the team wears today, and it's a stark contrast. The Padres' 2011 uniforms are some of the most nondescript and non-unique in all of baseball. The all-gray road uniform [pictured at right] looks like something a 1950s TV repairman would have worn.
In fact, all of the Padres' uniform designs since 1984 have been thoroughly forgettable, which is why the team should go back to the one uniform it did right.
And the current uniform falls right in line with everything else they've worn since '84 -- as forgettable as the players wearing them.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

The USD Report

The University of San Diego is ranked No. 1 in the nation in college basketball indictments, as of the latest poll on Monday.
And that's all for this edition of The USD Report.
We hope you enjoyed The USD Report. Join us again next indictment for The USD Report.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Those "Magical" Padres

Who says spring training isn't entertaining? The Padres provided us with a good chuckle Saturday.
And no, we're not talking about their bench-clearing gabfest with the Dodgers.
We stumbled onto their Channel 4 telecast, which included a visit in the booth from club CEO Jeff Moorad.
Moorad wrapped up his comments to Dick Enberg and Mark Grant by saying, "Let's have another magical year."
Yeah, only in San Diego is a second-place finish in your division -- which included a colossal collapse the final six weeks -- considered a "magical" year.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Aztecs Basketball Report

San Diego State lost to Brigham Young 80-67 in college basketball action Saturday at Viejas Arena.
And that's all for this edition of The Aztecs Basketball Report.
We hope you enjoyed The Aztecs Basketball Report.
Join us again next time for The Aztecs Basketball Report.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The High School Football Report: Championship Edition

Week 4 of the high school football playoffs featured numerous championship games at Qualcomm Stadium on Monday night.
And that's all for this edition of The High School Football Report.
We hope you enjoyed The High School Football Report.
Join us again next year for The High School Football Report.

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